Functions of the Education Section

1. Establishment matters related to Sri Lanka Teacher’s Service.

2. Matters related to petitions, complaints, inspections and investigation connected to education

3. Legal matters related to department of education.

4. Matters related to public day of honorable minister.

5. Matters related to structural committee of education.

6. Development of productivity of education section.

7. Analysis of results on grade 5 scholarship examination,G.C.E.O/L examination & G.C.E.A/L examination.

8. Maintenance and updating of statistics on matters of teachers, students & schools.

9. Matters related to school lands.

10. Matters related to special programs & projects of education.

11. Matters related to applying & maintaining of education circulars to the province

12. Matters related to information technology stream.

13. Developing and updating of website of the ministry.