Functions of the pre-childhood development authority

1. Guidance and support of pre-childhood education development in north western province

2. Registration, supervision and regulation of pre-childhood education development centers.

3. Enact conditions on charges of students of pre-child hood education development centers.

4. Arbitrating educational & vocational qualifications of advisers of pre child hood education development centers.

5. Training of advisors of pre-childhood education development centers

6. Sustain training centers for training advisors of pre-child hood education development centers and issuing certificates to qualified advisors.

7. Sustain model pre-schools under the authority to be the model of other pre-childhood education development centers.

8. Maintenance of service training on modernization of pre-childhood education.

9. Adjudication of standards on controlling & management of pre-childhood education centers

10. Make aware of community on the importance of pre-childhood education development.

11. Make a correlation between pre- school and grade 1 of formal school.